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Home to our Price Chopper
and Cash Saver Stores

Thank you for your interest in joining our Price Chopper & Cash Saver Teams!

You have already completed the first step in the application process by visiting our website. Please see the next steps below:

Step 2: Please open the Electronic DGS Application by clicking the Apply Now link, under Careers drop down above.*

Step 3: Please fill out the entire application.

Step 4: Electronically sign the application by double clicking the signature field.**

***NOTE: You can sign the application using an image file, an existing digital signature, or creating a new digital signature using the wizard.

Step 5: Email the application by clicking on the email button at the top of the screen as shown below.

This will prompt you to choose your email program/provide (outlook, gmail, yahoo, other). Complete this wizard to attach the completed application to an email, and then send the email to careers@dgsfoods.com.

***NOTE: Instead of sending the completed application using the email button, you can save it as a pdf file by clicking the save button two buttons to the left of the sign button. Then you can manually attach the file to an email, and send the email to careers@dgsfoods.com.

*The electronic version of our application requires the latest version of Adobe Reader. We also have paper applications available at our Customer Service Desk at any of our stores.

**If you are not able to sign the application digitally, or prefer to sign it manually, you can instead print the application using the print button to the left of the email button. After signing it manually, you can either scan and email it to careers@dgsfoods.com, or bring it to one of our locations listed on the contact page.